Liam wrote:

> Another little usage scenario:
> For my part I've always wanted something like this with dodge/burn,
> because whenever I switch from dodge to burn on a grayscale engraving
> scan, I need to change the mode from highlights to shadows - the only
> combinations that really make much sense are dodge/highlights and
> burn/shadows, as otherwise you end up lightening the black stroke
> or leaving visible brush-strokes on the white background.
> I've never asked for it (Peter would say I was projecting my own
> really unusual workflow on other users :-) ) but the ability to save
> and switch between some combinations might be very useful.

would you not be helped with 2 user presets for the dodge/burn tool,
which you would choose alternating during using the tool?

so per-tool presets would be the solution for your case
(and, yes, millions of other cases where users _always_ use
a couple of options setups alternatingly with a single tool)


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