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> Regarding the implementation, such a file specific set of tool presets
> would require to have them - gradients, brushes, palettes and fonts
> included - embedded in the xcf file. Is this currently possible ? If
> not, can this be afforded without breaking too much things ?

They could also be in an external user preferences file, or even in
a per-folder file, and be more like "recent images"...

Another little usage scenario:
For my part I've always wanted something like this with dodge/burn,
because whenever I switch from dodge to burn on a grayscale engraving
scan, I need to change the mode from highlights to shadows - the only
combinations that really make much sense are dodge/highlights and
burn/shadows, as otherwise you end up lightening the black stroke
or leaving visible brush-strokes on the white background.
I've never asked for it (Peter would say I was projecting my own
really unusual workflow on other users :-) ) but the ability to save
and switch between some combinations might be very useful.

Years ago you used to see people with masking tape on the top of their
keyboard, so they could write down the settings they'd bound to
function keys... you still do in banks or a lot of offices.

A nicer way to do this might be the ability to drag an icon from
Tool Options onto the toolbox to make a "new tool" that's really
a combination of default settings for an existing tool?


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