On Wednesday, August 11, 2010 02:58:56 David Gowers wrote:

> [incidentally, 2.7 uses Cairo more for display related things (not for
> rendering brushes IIRC, but of course in order to see the rendered
> brush strokes, the area must be displayed). It's possible that this
> impacts your system significantly while using the default EXA
> acceleration. So it could be a combination of a change in GIMP and
> annoying hardware/driver misconfiguration.]
There is a change there that puts a little more pressure on the graphics card 
to keep up, the event fill. It should not be an issue for properly functioning 
graphics hardware, the optimizations elsewhere make up the tiny slowdown it 
introduced with large surplus, but in combination with GPU not taking its 
share of the display update load, it can can theoretically perform worse than 

And now Im remembering that years ago I had a 9800SE radeon card and I 
actually needed to change that option too to have any performance in painting 
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