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>> Oliver -
>> this rant has no reason to be.  Sorry for that.
>> It makes no sense to start working in a project the size of GIMP
>> without having to learn the code already in there first.
> [...]
> I didn't say people should not look into the code.
> I meant: before looking into the code, an OVERVIEW on the code base
> would be helpful.
> Looking into the code without an overview yields to people with
> too narrow view on the code. Maybe that is good for other people,
> but not for me.

I'll bite ツ

There is various libraries that GIMP depends on:

glib - does portable reusable low level data structures, and includes
GObject which provides the basis for OOP in GIMP
gtk+ - is a UI toolkit that was created for use with GIMP that is now
widely used also elsewhere
babl - is a pixelformat conversion library that provides dynamic and
efficient conversion of pixel formats.
GEGL - is a graph based image processing framework that together with
its plug-ins is destined to replace almost all code in GIMP and its
plug-ins, doing work on the legacy 8bit code in GIMP will most often
result in the brave new world promised by GEGL to be further

I maintain two of these projects, babl and GEGL, the following links
point to overviews of the directory structures used for their source

http://gegl.org/#_directory_overview , http://gegl.org/babl/#DirectoryOverview

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