On Wed, Mar 2, 2011 at 1:14 AM, Michael Grosberg
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>> > I'm a little uneasy at the moment about the "ban working with numbers for
>> > transformations" comment.
>> It would be nice (IMO) to have a dockable that displays the "numbers"
>> of the transform tool's current selection and transform, and also
>> applies numerical input to the transform tool.
> I have a somewhat different solution for this.
> When you start messing around with perspective transform and you drag corner
> points every which way, scale and rotate numbers become meaningless. So,
> Precise numbers are not that useful for a free transform tool anyway.
> GIMP could simply keep the existing separate transform tools, but instead of
> displaying them as icons in the toolbox, keep them in their own sub-menu under
> edit-->transform or something.

That would cover the uses I was worried about.

The dockable I was imagining had the following items:
Origin X,Y in pixels
Width in pixels
Height in pixels
Rotation in degrees
X shear in pixels or degrees
Y shear in pixels or degrees

And then some items that would become active only after performing a
perspective transform or clicking on them directly:
Top-Left X,Y in pixels
Top-Right X,Y in pixels
Bottom-Left X,Y in pixels
Bottom-Right X,Y in pixels

I *think* that would cover all of the transformations of the proposed
tool.  And I assume all or most of those values are going to be in
play (and in the undo stack) during use of the transform tool.  But
yeah, just having the one-off dialogs for transforms would work as
well.  I have no real preference either way, but the dockable (or
placing those items in tool options) seems cleaner to me for some

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