On 28/06/2011 13:33, peter sikking wrote:
> On Jun 28, 2011, at 11:35, SorinN wrote:
>> But there was already Ctrl + Shift + E which bring up the dialog for export
>> Ctrl + E was for overwrite without confirm.
>> Probably the logical order was inverse - many peoples expecting Ctrl +
>> E to bring up the export dialog,
> first of all, ctrl-shift-e was chosen because it works like that
> cross application (inkscape and co).
> also think about it: when working on a project (serious work = our
> priority in design vs. hit and run editing) then there will be in
> quite a few workflows a lot more ctrl-E (equivalent to ctrl-S) for
> reviewing, than ctrl-shift-E (equivalent to ctrl-shift-S) for
> anchoring to another export file(-path/-format).
> this is why I am insisting that it is not going to change, in the future.

How about the change where we leave the ctrl-E shortcut, but 
automatically set it up to do something (at the moment it does nothing) 
when a file is imported into GIMP?  My suggestion is an export (to the 
original file name and file type), but with a 'are you sure you want to 
overwrite?' dialog before the export happens, with the focus 
automatically on the cancel so 'enter' will cancel the export.

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Jeremy Morton (Jez)
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