But there was already Ctrl + Shift + E which bring up the dialog for export
Ctrl + E was for overwrite without confirm.

Probably the logical order was inverse - many peoples expecting Ctrl +
E to bring up the export dialog,

2011/6/28 Martin Nordholts <ense...@gmail.com>:
> 2011/6/26 Jeremy Morton <ad...@game-point.net>:
>> When I open a non-GIMP format file, like a PNG, by drag-dropping it into
>> GIMP, and then I edit it, I go to export it, by pressing ctrl+E... and
>> nothing happens.  This is because what I actually have to do is select
>> "File | Overwrite (filename.png)".
>> Wouldn't it be more intuative to behave as if you'd just exported
>> (filename.png), or whatever file you've just imported into GIMP, so that
>> once you've edited it you can just press ctrl+E and easily export it
>> back to its native format?
> Yes it would be more intuitive, and that was also the initial design.
> The reason it works the way it works today is to avoid data-loss. In
> GIMP 2.6, the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+E invokes the harmless View ->
> Shrink Wrap action. In GIMP 2.8, it overwrites an original file. In
> other words, this sequence of events is harmless in GIMP 2.6:
> 1. File -> Open file-I-dont-want-to-lose.jpg
> 2. Make some significant changes
> 3. Press Ctrl+E
> while in GIMP 2.8 the file-I-dont-want-to-lose.jpg would be lost if we
> made Ctrl+E invoke Overwrite by default and a user, quite reasonable,
> expects Ctrl+E to still be Shrink Wrap. The idea was that by forcing
> users to manually assign Ctrl+E to Overwrite, they would confirm that
> "ok I know Ctrl+E will potentially destory my originals".
> That file-overwrite and file-export can't have the same keyboard
> shortcut is a bug, that is meant to work. Quite an oversight that it
> doesn't...
> Once people have learned that Ctrl+E is export and not Shrink Wrap, we
> can make Ctrl+E be the default keyboard shortcut for both Overwrite
> and Export. Until then, I just made a commit so that you can use
> Alt+F, W instead at least:
> commit 9ae0dc034b7791c15479649f71ef4cda8caaf34e
> Author: Martin Nordholts <mart...@src.gnome.org>
> Date:   Tue Jun 28 08:53:45 2011 +0200
>    Make 'w' a mnemonic for File -> Overwrite ...
>    See
>      [Gimp-developer] Isn't this behaviour unintuative?
>      http://lists.xcf.berkeley.edu/lists/gimp-developer/2011-June/026885.html
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