On  3 Nov, Michael Natterer wrote:

>>  Note: At the moment featurefreeze is more violated by the changes
>>  done by for example Michael than by the ideas I'm having which would
>>  be something like "little changes with big positive effects"...

> Just because I didn't write for many files "using the context here
> fixes a bug" doesn't mean it didn't. E.g. the device status dialog was
> totally unusable after a "refresh" and ensuring it's consistency
> without the context would have needed another weird function to be
> called from outside. IMHO waiting for context signals and
> self-updating is much cleaner and less dangerous than the old paradigm
> and making the ui always sync with the internal state _is_ a bugfix.

 I just said that my ideas wouldn't really introduce new features but
 just be a kind of cleanup....



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