On  3 Nov, Marc Lehmann wrote:

> This sounds interesting (explain!).. how can i18n lead to segfaults?

 Not again Marc, we have had this discussion before....
 Hint: It's the way menues are handled by Gtk...

> Me included! Maybe I shouldn´t even reply here.. ;->

 Maybe :)

> Well, half-translated is surely better than not translated at all, so
> this is IMHO no reason to switch it of totally.

 I don't think so. Half-translations can be really confusing and
 annoying for a user.

> Maybe we should just push the translators a bit for the release
> (unless code changes are necessary)..

 Push me, please... 

> Half-translated plug-ins are definitely no reason to forget it!! I
> mean, do you want to translate "ls" to "vz" with LANG=de?

 I don't understand your intention here... what should "ls" and "vz" be?

> mixed language environments are the rule today, not the exception.

 That doesn't make them any better....

> I don`t mind it either..

 I know, but you aren't supposed to be the average user, are you?



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