You wrote on Mon, 08 Nov 1999:
>Would it still be a problem for you if only the menu entry itself is
>english, but the english menu is sorted under the corresponding german
>standard menu (see above for "Add Selection")?

Oh, it's not for me ;-)  I think about all the "only" users.  I use gimp in
english and are satisfied (so I am searching for ways to make my system

I think of it pragmatically:  If there are no two (or more) menus with the same
name (but in different languages) it is not really bad.  It is not nice though!
Think of it as a little gift just around the corner:  "The whole gimp is in
english.  I understand it but I would prefer german.  Oh, here in File are all
entries translated -- very good."

So what I wanna say:  All that makes two menus of the same manner disappear is
a bugfix.  The other things like improvement of the i18n-Code to make it
consistent and in toto able to translate all messages is the right thing todo
after 1.2!

Just my 0.2 Euro
Uwe Koloska

--                                    --
right now the web page is in german only
but this will change as time goes by ;-)

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