On  8 Nov, Marc Lehmann wrote:

>>  Hint: It's the way menues are handled by Gtk...
 And if this leads to segfaults it is surely a bug in gkt+? No, really,
> I am _simply_ interested in how a call to gettext can result in a
> "legal" segfault.

 The most likely way to cause a segfault is to write to an address 
 not owned by the process... In C this is very easily because we sometimes 
 even calculate with pointers...

> Well, if you care that I won´t repeat the same error again it would be
> nice if you explained the bug...

 Got me here, but since I don't exactly know what the bug is I can
 hardly explain it. I just know the symptoms and you do, too...

>>  I don't think so. Half-translations can be really confusing and
>>  annoying for a user.

> Ok, then let's vote on this. "I vote that this is less confusing..."

 Do so, but at a public place, please...

>>  Push me, please... 


 Not hard enough, but this may change VERY soon....

> "ls" is ls(1) and "vz" is the shortcut for "verzeichnis".


>> > mixed language environments are the rule today, not the exception.

>>  That doesn't make them any better....
> I think it's the only way to go. Look at how M$ handles translation
> (by looking at i18n'ed visual basic for example ;)

 ROTFL. Did you have a look how M$ does internationalisation?
 Have you ever seen a catalog for any Microsoft program? 
 No? Maybe it's their special art of doing Cut'n'Paste... :))

> Well, I have an opinion about half-trabslation that is just as good as
> any opinion from an average user. The gimp is not the only i18n'ed
> project, and I didn't speak english all the time in the past...

 Well, for distributors internationalisation is a very big concern
 because they address firms (which don't care about it very much) on
 the one hand but on the other hand also users who want a stable
 OS with many free programs and they DO care about. 



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