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> > This sounds interesting (explain!).. how can i18n lead to segfaults?
>  Not again Marc, we have had this discussion before....

You told me that all my menus would be shown twice (which was a problem on
your machine only).

>  Hint: It's the way menues are handled by Gtk...

And if this leads to segfaults it is surely a bug in gkt+? No, really, I am
_simply_ interested in how a call to gettext can result in a "legal"

But since its purely for my own pleasure you don't have to explain... (I
am serious, btw!)

> > Me included! Maybe I shouldn´t even reply here.. ;->
>  Maybe :)

Well, if you care that I won´t repeat the same error again it would be
nice if you explained the bug...

>  I don't think so. Half-translations can be really confusing and
>  annoying for a user.

Ok, then let's vote on this. "I vote that this is less confusing..."

> > Maybe we should just push the translators a bit for the release
> > (unless code changes are necessary)..
>  Push me, please... 


> > Half-translated plug-ins are definitely no reason to forget it!! I
> > mean, do you want to translate "ls" to "vz" with LANG=de?
>  I don't understand your intention here... what should "ls" and "vz" be?

"ls" is ls(1) and "vz" is the shortcut for "verzeichnis".

> > mixed language environments are the rule today, not the exception.
>  That doesn't make them any better....

I think it's the only way to go. Look at how M$ handles translation (by
looking at i18n'ed visual basic for example ;)

> > I don`t mind it either..
>  I know, but you aren't supposed to be the average user, are you?

Well, I have an opinion about half-trabslation that is just as good as any
opinion from an average user. The gimp is not the only i18n'ed project, and I
didn't speak english all the time in the past...

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