> The idea of a help system as part of GIMP sounded interesting and I had
> hoped to try it out and comment on it but I now discover I won't be able 
> to do so.

There are many things you can do about this: 

- Install the gnome-libs package. This will not change your desktop into 
  a gnome one, but install a set of useful libraries that you will want 
  to use anyway sooner or later. I must admit that this is not a solution
  for non-Linux users as getting gnome-libs to compile is not trivial.

- Grab GtkXmHtml seperately. This is difficult at the moment, but I was 
  told that the gEdit application offers a seperately bundled one.

- Help us to make a seperate version of GtkXmHtml that compiles on a lot
  of setups and fix the Gimp configure script.

Salut, Sven

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