> Consider that GtkXmHTML cannot be compiled on linux libc5 systems (or generally
> systems without thread support) because it needs the threaded version of
> strok() strtok_r().  The latter one is new in glibc2 (aka libc6) an for the
> gnome system it is doubled in gnomesupport.  So to make GtkXmHTML compile on
> systems without strtok_r() and without gnomesupport, we have to make our own
> copy of this function.  

If we would package GtkXmHTML seperately, it should be no problem to include
the function with it.

> An easy solution for the guis that habe gnome installed ist to add
> `-lgnomesupport' to GTKXMHTML_LIB in plug-ins/helpbrowser/Makefile 

In a perfect world, gnome-config would add this flag for us. But since it 
to be broken, I think it's best to do as you suggested. Yosh, is this ok with 
you ??

Salut, Sven

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