Marc Lehmann wrote:

> My very own personal opinion on this is:
> - either make gimp a gnome application (puke!). This would be honest, as we
>   are kind-of forcing gnome on people anyway (wanna help? use gnome!)

Marc, please! You know that the situation we have now is not what we want it
to be in its final state. There are probably other good reasons to use Gnome 
for later versions of Gimp, but nobody will be forced to use Gnome with

> - unbundle the help system (or don't ever claim the gimp would have such a
>   help system - fact is it doesn't work)

Fact is it has a working help-system! All we have to do is to solve the
packaging/configure problems.

> A help system that only works by chance (i.e. not on the majority of
> platforms) is not work the hassle.


Salut, Sven

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