Further to my original observations, here is something more detailed:

Gimp is set to ~24M tile cache, on a 64Mb machine with ~64Mb of swap
The TIFF is enormous (see previous post for exact dimensions) and as a
naive RGB array (3 bytes per pixel) would use ~210Mb of space

Stage     --->                 Size of gimpswap

Fresh gimp, no images          N/A not yet created
Begin loading TIFF             10Mb almost immediately
50% loaded                     98Mb
99% loaded                     196Mb (just as TIFF loader exits)
Starts displaying              250Mb
50% complete display           380Mb
100% complete display          508Mb

Then, as tigert says, the Gimp continues to trickle data into the swap
file for some time, but only a few Mb per minute.

The TIFF loader created (by my estimate) 210Mb of tiles. There are now
508Mb of tiles on my disk. What is in the 300Mb of tiles which were NOT
created by the TIFF loader?

Suggestions of how to find out are welcome, but a fix is preferred :)


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