Reading the discussions re: the help system has made me think I understand
why compiling GIMP always broke at a point where it needed a GtkXmhtml
header file. I use a RedHat system without Gnome installed and I'm
beginning to understand that GtkXmhtml is a Gnome thing. I recently
upgraded to the latest glib and gtk+ as I thought what I was missing was
something that was added to a version of gtk+ more recent than I had. The
name of GtkXmhtml now seems to be misleading as it appears not to be part
of the base gtk+ libraries.

I run the without any parameters on the command line. I
supposed I expected it would detect whether I had gnome on my machine or
not. I simply used 'make -i' to get a successful compile of GIMP. I will
add --without-gnome to the command line of the configure scripts from now
on and see if that avoids it trying to build the help system.

The idea of a help system as part of GIMP sounded interesting and I had
hoped to try it out and comment on it but I now discover I won't be able to
do so.


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