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> Well, PERL certainly works on a lot of platforms, but Sven was talking
> about the supposed GimpPerl included in CVS Gimp.

Yes. However, the number of platforms and machines where gnome is
installed is still very small.

> AFAICT Everyone just

We all know that you rarely know what you are talking about ;-)

> will go away. It won't work on my home machine (Slack upgraded to 2.0)
> or my old work machine (RH 5.2) or my new work machine (RH 6.1) so I
> guess it's not working for many people at all.

It works for the 242 subscribers to the gimp-perl users list. Not a large
number by absolute means, but it shows that it can't be that bad...

However, since you are obviously not interested in helping the
develiopment, wehy don't you just keep quiet? This is just anti-social,
and you know that.

> Of course, I know it's not a BUG that GimpPerl won't work out-of-box on
> any reasonable system,

I'd say it's definitely a bug if this would be the case. However, if
people forget to run ldconfig or install more than one gimp/gtk version in
the same prefix I would not count this "reasonable".

> but it's also not a BUG that GimpHelp won't work
> out-of-box on fairly old systems.

gimphelp will not work on _any_ system that has no gnome. That's
independent of age.

> /me goes back to fixing bits of Gimp HE thinks are important

Hear hear..

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