Austin Donnelly ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> On Wednesday, 10 Nov 1999, Sven Neumann wrote:
> > - Grab GtkXmHtml seperately. This is difficult at the moment, but I was 
> >   told that the gEdit application offers a seperately bundled one.
> If gEdit needs GtkXmHtml, and so does Gimp, does this not mean there's
> a real requirement to make GtkXmHtml a standard part of libgtk?
> Maybe the time has come to fold GtkXmHtml into the main library.  We
> should talk to the gtk people.  Tim, Owen?

IMHO there is a lot of things, that should be reorganized in the
GLib/Gtk/Gnome-field. Higher-level widgets like Gnome-Canvas and
GtkXmHtml should go in a separate library, since Gtk is already a
huge library and those very specialized widgets are not useful for
the average application. Gnome Canvas is so useful, it should not be
in the Gnome-Libs, because some people refuse to install gnome
(I dont know why, but there are those people...)
Also the Object Model in Gtk should go in the glib package. 
Things like the signal-handling can be useful in Non-Gui
applications and I dont want to link against Gtk for a

Just my 2 Pf,

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