On Thu, Nov 11, 1999 at 10:23:15PM +0100, Eduardo Perez wrote:
> Marc Lehmann wrote:
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> > demand a net-connection and call babelfish for untranslated items ;)
> > 
> > (runs...)
> What about a central site, where developers send their files to be
> translated, and a group of volunteers translates them to as many
> languajes as they can? Perhaps there could even exists a database of
> common expresions ('Yes', 'Save as', 'Are you sure?', ..), so all the
> tedious work would be done automatically.
> It does not sounds as the most exciting job in the world (for the guys
> doing the translations), but...
> Just an idea.

A wild idea: Have a web-based system with browsable catalog of all i18n'ed
strings organized by category (Menus, Preferences etc..) that contain the
translations.. Then if something bugs you, you could "vote" for a better
translation and if enough votes happen, it would be added? :)



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