Sven Neumann wrote:

> Eduardo Perez <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > What about a central site, where developers send their files to be
> > translated, and a group of volunteers translates them to as many
> > languajes as they can? Perhaps there could even exists a database of
> > common expresions ('Yes', 'Save as', 'Are you sure?', ..), so all the
> > tedious work would be done automatically.
> This is exactly what gettext combined with an open source tree accessible via
> CVS provides. We already have that!

Almost, but not quite.

gettext was a  good compromise at the time, but leaves a lot to be desired.
Especially when one source english term ( "its" for example ) might be
translated differently depending on context. The l10n .xls glossaries MS has for
it's products are interesting, as they include breaking down translations by
type, such as button, menu, text, etc.

Another example is "Free". Could be on a button to free memory. Could be
refering to the cost of the software. Could be refering to the freedom of the

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