Hello Folks 

I got some feedback about the "Clean up" nearly all of them well written
and with good points. I there for rewrote the  main "todo" list and post
it again for confirmation/evaluation.

Here is my list of minor things to clean up and make better (Without
breaking the freeze). First the list and then the discussion below it.

  * Use PS mod and extend it to fit Gimp specific functions.

  * Don't install any scripts by default (This means all scripts even
    Script-Fu scripts)
        * Make a script pkg with Script-Fu, Perl-Fu and Py-Fu scripts
        * Keep both Perl and Python as a part of std Gimp
        * Exception install copy-visible --> <image>/copy/
                   install drop-shadow --> <image>/filter/render/shadow
                   install perspective-shadow -->  \
          Those script must me "UNDO AWARE" i.e using
  * The Script Pack
        * Make all small script "UNDO ENABLED"
                * Install those script in a sensible location
                  not just under a general Script entry
                *Scripts under Xtns naturally don't need to be
                 "undo aware"!
        * All Script in Xtns should be under the a top Script entry. Under
          the script entry the scripts has to be sorted/grouped in a
          sensible way.
        * All Script in the <image> menu that aren't "UNDO ENABLED"
          should be under a top Script entry. Under the script entry the
          scripts has to be sorted/grouped in a sensible way.
        * Make the "Script Pack" install script control your
          config and only install scripts that works
        * Make it possible to e.g only install Perl-Script or e.g
          logo-scripts etc.
        * The "Script Pack" install script should preferably be a shell
          script avalible from the Xtns menu. When you access it a xterm
          will popup with some "menus" where you can choose your action.

  * Move/transform selections
        * Change move selection to actually move the selection
          (i.e make Gimp PS compatible)
        * Make Move <Alt> behave as old Gimp move 
        * Postpone trans selections to next Gimp rel (i.e 1.3)

  * Make all numeric input fields spin-button aware
        (Well Mitch wanted to do the job ;-)

  * Make the Info window auto aware (i.e switch to the active image)
        * If possible add status bar and measure info to Info Window

  * Make the Undo history window auto aware

  * Make the Navigation window auto aware

  * Reconstruct the menu structure 

        Core gimp funcs 

                Image menu
                           |            RGB
                           |            Grayscale
                           |            Indexed
                           |            -------
                           |            Compose
                           |            Decompose
                           |    ColorBalance
                           |    Hue-Saturation
                           |    Brightness-Contrast
                           |    Threshold
                           |    Levels
                           |    Curves
                           |    ------
                           |    Desaturate
                           |    Posterize
                           |    Invert
                           |    ------
                           |    Auto ----------|
                           |    ------         Equalize
                           |    Colormap Rota  Auto-Stretch Contrast
                           |    Filter Pack    Auto-Stretch HSV         
                           |                   Color Enhance
                        Alpha (the same)        
                           |       Offset
                           |       (Remove layer)
                           |       Auto-crop    
                           |       Guillotine
                           |       Image -- Rotate (270/90)
                           |       Rotate (no layer option)
                           |       Zealous Crop
                        Canvas Size 
                        Scale Image 
                        Save palette

                Edit Menu
                                Paste into  
                                Paste as new
                                -----           Cut Named
                                Clear           Copy Named
                                Fill            Paste Named     
                                Copy Visible

                Layer Menu (Image and dialog)
                                Layers & Channels
                                Layer--Rotate (270/90)
                                Rotate (no image option)
                                Same as before

                Filter Menu
                                Repeat last
                                Re-show last
                                Filter all layers
                                Animation (The same except Filter all ...)
                                |               Apply Canvas
                                |               Cubism
                                |               GimpPressionist
                                |               Mosaic
                                |               Oilify
                                Blur (the same)
                                |               Map-----|
                                |               |       Adjust Fgrd-Bkgrd
                                |               |       Alien Map[ 2]
                                |               |       Color Exchange
                                |               |       Color Mapping
                                |               |       Gradient Map
                                |               |       Sample Colorize
                                |               |
                                |               Border Average
                                |               Colorify
                                |               Hot
                                |               Max RGB
                                |               SmoothPalette                   
                                |               Value Invert
                                Combine (the same)
                                Distort (the same but add Newsprint)
                                Edge-Detect (the same)
                                Enhance (the same)
                                Generic (the same)
                                Map (the same but add LIC and Warp)
                                Misc (the same)
                                |       Hurl
                                |       Noisify
                                |       Pick
                                |       Scatter HSV
                                |       Slur
                                |       Spread
                                |       Pattern-|
                                |       |       CML
                                |       |       Checkerboard
                                |       |       Diffraction
                                |       |       Fractal Expl
                                |       |       Grid
                                |       |       Maze
                                |       |       Qbist
                                |       |       Sinus
                                |       |
                                |       Nature--|
                                |       |       Flame
                                |       |       IFS Compose
                                |       |
                                |       Clouds-|
                                |       |       Plasma
                                |       |       Solid Noise
                                |       |
                                |       Shadow--|
                                |       |       See above (script)
                                |       Dyntext
                                |       Gfig
                                |       Jigsaw
                                |       SphereDesigner
                                Toys (the same ;-)
                File Menu Image
                Remove Preference

                File Menu Toolbox
                                Acquire (We have to tell SANE)  
                                Doc Hist
                Xtns Menu

                                Module Browser
                                DB Explorer
                                Plugin Details

                Help Menu
                                Context Help (Shift-F1)
                                Tip of the day
                Select Menu
                (the same)
                (the same)              

                View Meny
                The same but add Undo History. If/When Nav, Info and Undo
                History is "auto aware" move them to the dialog menu.

I will skip the discussion this time just look into my old mail. I will
however comment on the changes in the "Suggestion".

Marcs remark about the script location and "undo aware" makes total sense.
So I adopted his view and changed it. 

However I'm not after a "on the fly loader". I just want a simple (i.e not
load Gimp with bugs) way of handling/install all the scripts. Furthermore
most users don't want all scripts. Most of the time you only want a

The "Script Pack" script will simply enable you to choose scripts which
will be installed under your .gimp directory if they are supported by your
Gimp configuration. This will solve the Perl thing once and for all and
ever body will be happy ;-). The script can even tell you that you don't
have e.g Perl-XFY installed and there for you will not be able to install
XXX script.

Simon's/Austin's remarks about the menus was also really good and I
adopted all of them except the Toy thing ;-). The Undo History is moved to
the view menu which is wise until it's "auto aware" which I BTW think is

Simons suggestion to merge the "File and <image>/File" menu is really nice
but I suggest that we leave it to the next release of Gimp.

I dunno about the possibility to attach a plugin to the "L&C" dialog but at
least the plugin can be attached to the Layer menu.

About implementing the stuff? Well I'm willing to do the "Menu update".
The "Script Pack" thing I think we should make a team out of. We need some
discussion how to make it work good and to make it user friendly.  

Mitch is in the spin button department so that will not be a problem. I
have also heard that Sven is really good on modkeys. Sorry to say but
the the "Nav, Window and Undo" stuff is out of my jurisdiction, so some
one else has to take that.

Cheers Olof
PS: Sven I was a bit out in the blue when I talk about the mag tool. But
maybe we can make it possible to max zoom if you press <Ctrl>.

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