On Thu, Nov 18, 1999 at 11:04:51PM +0100, Olof S Kylander <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>       * Make a script pkg with Script-Fu, Perl-Fu and Py-Fu scripts

A small detail is unclear to me ;) Who is supposed to make that script-pack?
Would the release tarball contain everything, inlcuding the script, which
would just not get installed (or which would just now show up in the menu?)?

Or is the script-pack meant to be something like "rpms", i.e. we make a
release tarball with only the "core" functionality and one or several extra
packs with the extension scripts/plug-ins?

In that case, will we just define "filesets" for distributors?

I *think* you opted for the first alternative (everything in the tarball),
which would require us to write something like an extension pack manager
(a shell script? something with a gtk+ gui?).

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