>My idea is that Gimp 1.2 is delivered with all "scripts" and "filters"
>some of them aren't installed by default (most notably "scripts" but also
>some C plugins). They are instead installed in

I'm afraid I don't see the purpose of all this. I think novice GIMP users
want to get all the features straight away, and not discover them three
months later (this happened to me for Gimp-Perl, for instance). GIMP starts
up fast enough as it is, doesn't it?

>The user will also be informed
>that her Gimp environment isn't complete since she can't run e.g Perl

While we're speaking about user-friendliness on this topic, my impression
is that you'll have to install GIMP (`make install') _before_ you can
configure Perl-Fu, which is a bit confusing. If you do
`configure --enable-perl', configure automatically tries to configure in
plug-ins/perl, which then fails (`GIMP is not installed'), which is a bit
confusing. Is there (as usual) something wrong with my system, or is this
just a glitch?

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