Hello Steinar,

On Sat, 20 Nov 1999, Steinar H. Gunderson wrote:
> >My idea is that Gimp 1.2 is delivered with all "scripts" and "filters"
> >some of them aren't installed by default (most notably "scripts" but also
> >some C plugins). They are instead installed in
> >..share/gimp/uninstalled_filters/core.
> I'm afraid I don't see the purpose of all this. I think novice GIMP users
> want to get all the features straight away, and not discover them three
> months later (this happened to me for Gimp-Perl, for instance). GIMP starts
> up fast enough as it is, doesn't it?

Fist in my view the hardest task is for a novice Gimp user to find the
right command to use. As of today we have five similar Color Maping
filters. The question is which one to use. 

Secondly, if we add all possible extra functions (C plugs, Script-Fu,
Perl-Fu and Python-Fu). The menu system will be very large and difficult
to navigate. Furthermore I think that the average user doesn't want to have
all that functionality (just ask your self how often do you use Draw HSV
Graph). There are also some functions that are only useful under some
conditions. Maybe the user never uses funcs like that? 

Finaly, if we have a script pack manager we can make packs of e.g all the
plugins and scripts available at registry.gimp.org . This will benefit the
user quite much since it will be very easy to install more funcs into

> >The user will also be informed
> >that her Gimp environment isn't complete since she can't run e.g Perl
> >"Scripts".
> While we're speaking about user-friendliness on this topic, my impression
> is that you'll have to install GIMP (`make install') _before_ you can
> configure Perl-Fu, which is a bit confusing. If you do
> `configure --enable-perl', configure automatically tries to configure in
> plug-ins/perl, which then fails (`GIMP is not installed'), which is a bit
> confusing. Is there (as usual) something wrong with my system, or is this
> just a glitch?

Well, the std ./configure will try to configure Perl-Fu/Python-Fu if it
fails it will still continue and enable you to build Gimp.

When you later try to install additional script you will be informed that
since XXX YYY Python-Fu isn't enabled on your system. Please XXXdasd erwe
to enable Perl-Fu. I mean there isn't anything saying that we can't inform
the user that there isn't any thing wrong with his system it only lacks
the necessary support to enable Python-Fu.

Cheers Olof

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