On Fri, Nov 12, 1999 at 08:11:15PM +0100, Olof S Kylander wrote:

>               File Menu Toolbox
>               <toolbox>/File/-|
>                               New
>                               Open
>                               ----
>                               Acquire (We have to tell SANE)  

Also XSane (alternative gtk frontend to SANE, also works as a gimp plugin) I
think they know about this, since at least the debian package for
XSane-for-gimp-1.1 installs itself here already. 

Anyone with scanner check that out btw, it is really nice. Has lots of 
things to control, like black and white and gray point by clicking on spots
of the image etc..

>                               ----
>                               Preferences
>                               ----
>                               Dialogs
>                               -----
>                               Doc Hist
>                               ----
>                               Quit
>               Xtns Menu
>               <toolbox>/Xtns--|
>                               Module Browser
>                               DB Explorer
>                               Plugin Details
>               Help Menu
>               <toolbox>/Help--|
>                               Help
>                               Context Help (Shift-F1)
>                               Tip of the day
>                               About
>               Select Menu
>               <image>/select
>               (the same)
>               AnimFrames
>               <image>/AnimFrames
>               (the same)              
>               View Meny
>               <image>/View
>               The same but add Undo History. If/When Nav, Info and Undo
>               History is "auto aware" move them to the dialog menu.
> I will skip the discussion this time just look into my old mail. I will
> however comment on the changes in the "Suggestion".
> Marcs remark about the script location and "undo aware" makes total sense.
> So I adopted his view and changed it. 
> However I'm not after a "on the fly loader". I just want a simple (i.e not
> load Gimp with bugs) way of handling/install all the scripts. Furthermore
> most users don't want all scripts. Most of the time you only want a
> subset. 
> The "Script Pack" script will simply enable you to choose scripts which
> will be installed under your .gimp directory if they are supported by your
> Gimp configuration. This will solve the Perl thing once and for all and
> ever body will be happy ;-). The script can even tell you that you don't
> have e.g Perl-XFY installed and there for you will not be able to install
> XXX script.

Maybe it could also scan the plugin/script dirs for non.working scripts?
Just an idea, tell me if it makes any sense..

> Simon's/Austin's remarks about the menus was also really good and I
> adopted all of them except the Toy thing ;-). The Undo History is moved to
> the view menu which is wise until it's "auto aware" which I BTW think is
> mandatory!

The Egg should perhaps be hidden again for the release? Aspirin, got any
evil ideas? :)

While we are at it, what do people think of patching the default session
file (the one that gets installed by default) to open the following dialogs:

        - toolbox (yea, right :)
        - brushes (a lot of people have no clue how to change the brush size
          though we now have the indicators... perhaps this is not needed
          since we have those..
        - Layers dialog (this is a very important part of Gimp anyway -
          Photoshop has it open by default too)
        - Palette with Visibone as the defaut (I think it is already?)
        - Other suggestions?

I assume the problem is not knowing the screen resolution and thus where to
place the dialogs? 

Is this worth doing?

> PS: Sven I was a bit out in the blue when I talk about the mag tool. But
> maybe we can make it possible to max zoom if you press <Ctrl>.

Doh! There is a mag _tool_ also! 8) 

I always use the shortcuts! Never really used it, except for checking out
for the first time what it does .. :)



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