On Wed, 22 Dec 1999, Juhana Sadeharju wrote:

> >What if you bought a Wacom Intuos and 3 pens for it? That way you could have
> >the most untuitive way of having separate tools quickly. And we would avoid
> >having Yet Another Evil Feature That Nobody Else Understands (tm) :)
> What do you guys there don't understand? What evil feature?

I think we all understand your proposal pretty well.  I don't like it very
much, even as an option, since it assumes that you're not using GIMP
entirely correctly in the first place.

Juhana, I'm just a Silly Luser (tm) but the solution to your problem is
simple: use the keyboard.  I frequently switch tools between images in
GIMP in much the manner you've described and I've never had the problem
you're complaining about.

The only thing *I* would say is a problem is the fact that the tool
shortcuts are so widely spaced on the default QWERTY keyboard: using GIMP
is a lot like playing Quake for me :) and it would be nicer if I could
have my right hand on the mouse and my left hand on the keyboard and not
move it around so much; but that might make the keys less pneumonic.

At any rate, GIMP is far from 'user un-friendly';  I still convert
Photoshop users at the rate of one or two a month (and that includes
installing Linux!).

Tangent: How much is that Wacom Intuos again?  And where can I get it
delivered to me before christmas? <g>

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