>What if you bought a Wacom Intuos and 3 pens for it? That way you could have
>the most untuitive way of having separate tools quickly. And we would avoid
>having Yet Another Evil Feature That Nobody Else Understands (tm) :)

What do you guys there don't understand? What evil feature?

The idea of the active tool is simple, useful and transparent to rest of
you who don't want to hear about it and think it is something evil.
If an alternative is to go and buy $$$ wacom tablet, I would say that *that*
is an evil feature of GIMP.

I'm starting to hate this attitude of a few GIMP developers who throw bricks
under the wheels just because they don't care if the GUI is user friendly
or not. But remember: not everyone is working like you, don't be selfwish.

Because I have some older GIMP which did come with stable Debian GNU/Linux,
I would like to know is the situation really as bad in the latest version.
Please do following and check it what happens:
 1. open a new image and paint various colors to it;
 2. open a second image, choose pencil tool;
 3. change color: go to the first image and select a new color with
    the color picker;
 4. go back to second image, select pencil and draw;
 5. repeat steps 3 and 4.

What exactly happens? How many clicks? Does color picker pop-up a dialog?
Do you have to drop the dialog window off the mouse pointer explicitly?

The active tool would make the above possible just by moving the mouse
pointer from image to another. The tool user wants to use in those images
is selected automatically without any clicks or dialog placements.

Ok. This must be last time I write to you on this because I'm quite
disappointed of your design senses. I will talk to Photoshop guys next;
you may then later clone the feature from there.  ;-)

I often hear GIMP is not a painting program. That is a poor excuse for
any good painting properties (as above tool) because implementing any
painting properties poorly is a bad idea. There is no excuses for making
something badly, IMHO.

Are there free (with source code) alternatives for GIMP on painting and
drawing? With some image processing capabilities?

Thanks (for nothing?),


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