>From:   Marc Lehmann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>> > I suggest the following generalisation: 
>> > a thingy (for lack of a good name) which: 
>> > Every image can then have a set of thingies associated
>While this _is_ interesting for some uses, for most people this would be a
>large hindrance (I would dislike being forced to switch to paintbrush for
>_every_ image I have loaded in turn to draw to them).

I wonder if you're against of the "active tool" suggestion or not?
I'm *now* "forced to switch to paintbrush for every image I have loaded
in turn to draw to them" and if you dislike it too, then I don't
understand why the new "active tool" feature would be a hindrance.

Nothing is forced -- just don't use it. Now I'm *forced* to click 4 times
instead of a pleasant 1 time, and can stop using it only by throwing GIMP
aside. For most people "active tool" system would do nothing, and rest
gains very much about it.

Maybe you just misunderstood the idea? Let me hear from you please;
I don't want that good ideas are thrown away due misunderstandings.



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