>>   >  the baloon, the rocket, or the new one are my faves for 1.2. I really
>>   > like the newest one. Nice work.
>>   > 
>>   > Adrian
>>   I gotta say, the newest one is definitely my favorite so far.  The baloon
>>   was nice, but this one looks really polished, and professional, but fun at
>>   the same time.
>>   It is a logo that says "we can take on photoshop, just click and see" ;-)

Glyph, I have to say that my sentiments are just the opposite of
yours.  Although the latest splash (with the brush) is nice and
traditional looking, I find it has little identity and little
character.  On the other hand I feel that the balloon splash captures
the mood and the spirit of the GIMP.  I don't know how to express it
exactly, but to me the balloon says that the GIMP is out of this
world, it follows the alternate path, it allows you to dream not only
of what is...but of what may never be.  The brush is just a brush.

Best regards,

Carey Bunks

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