On Thu, 13 Jan 2000, Carey Bunks wrote:

> Glyph, I have to say that my sentiments are just the opposite of
> yours.  Although the latest splash (with the brush) is nice and
> traditional looking, I find it has little identity and little
> character.  On the other hand I feel that the balloon splash captures
> the mood and the spirit of the GIMP.  I don't know how to express it
> exactly, but to me the balloon says that the GIMP is out of this
> world, it follows the alternate path, it allows you to dream not only
> of what is...but of what may never be.  The brush is just a brush.

Well, that's very poetically phrased.  Whichever way we go, let's not
compromise. The brush hanging out of the balloon would ruin the whole

Personally, I think that GIMP has many faces, the 'go beyond' aspect
definitely being one of them which the baloon captures, but the brush also
embodies a certain professionalism and dedication to quality.

GIMP and GTK really brought free UNIX up to par with commercial operating
systems.  It is the 'killer app' -- Linux's visicalc.  It also allows for
production of really *good* pictures.

The random-splash-screen idea is a good one, perhaps with a few more of
the interim splashes. Let's not include 'Oh, the humanity!' though, okay?

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