On  1 Feb, Steinar H. Gunderson wrote:

> Well, we _do_ have gimp-perl available...

 Uhm, yes... 

> With XML, we'd have to write _both_ loader and saver

 There are fantastic parsers available, no need to write any of those.

> -- with gimp-perl (or Perl-Fu, whatever name 
> you like best), we'll `just' have to add some saving hooks into the

 That's the hitting point, if you want to use perl or script-fu here you
 have to produce code for (possibly :)) highlevel languages which isn't 
 quite simple. In my illusion at least making tags from events and the
 way back should be simpler...

> I don't really see why you'd want to have XML for this -- it just
> doesn't seem logical to me.

 XML is very abstract, you can do nearly everything with it (except
 saving images :))... the macrorecording feature was just a quick idea
 by me; originally my intend for XML in GIMP was using it as a save
 format for user options to get that ugly rc parser out of GIMP....



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