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>  You can create domains with nearly no limit. Where the files 
>  reside is completely up to, it may even be the homedirectory... 

So that means that we need a new domain, such as "gimp-override",
that resides in .gimp/locale and is consulted just like gimp-perl and

>  The command you're asking for is msgunfmt...

Hmm... sounds like the solution. You pribably made my day (or so ;)

That way we can msgunfmt the existing mo file, add messages, and write it
back again on installation.

> > I think it's not too unreasonable to requre gettext for installing
> > plug-ins.  It's a bit awkward when you only want to install binary
> > plug-ins, but since gettext itself is rather inadequate I don'T aim
> > for the perfect solution, just something that works.
>  I'm no fan of further dependencies you know...

Neither me... any better solution, though? No...

> > Daniel, do you know how to modify the Makefiles to do that,
>  Yes....

No longer necessary, as it's possible to regenerate .po from .mo (and if
that does not work we just loose).

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