On  2 Feb, Marc Lehmann wrote:

>>  Well, yes, but I guess they wouldn't want to translated them
>>  themselves, so why personal i.e. with catalog in the home directory?
> Because it's the only user-writable place on a machine. I only talk
> about installing plug-ins _seperately_ from the gimp.

 Okay, that seems reasonable... 

>>  GIMP itself uses two and a plugin uses also two.
> So this means there is no problem, no?

 You can create domains with nearly no limit. Where the files 
 reside is completely up to, it may even be the homedirectory... 

> (gmo == mo, I assume, since I have no idea what I am talking about all
> the time ;)


> If that's possible (which commands do I need), then there would be no
> need to deliver the .po files. However, the .mo file format is not
> standardized, so I doubt that it is possible to idsassemble them
> portably.

 I have never heard of any problems, so we may treat it as
 "incompatibilites not known".

 The command you're asking for is msgunfmt...

> I think it's not too unreasonable to requre gettext for installing
> plug-ins.  It's a bit awkward when you only want to install binary
> plug-ins, but since gettext itself is rather inadequate I don'T aim
> for the perfect solution, just something that works.

 I'm no fan of further dependencies you know...

> That would require yet another dependency to a compression
> library/program that might not be available. OTOH, we might just as
> well require gzip, since the plug-in packages are most probably packed
> with it anyway.

 Without gzip you are simply lost in UNIX space...

> Daniel, do you know how to modify the Makefiles to do that,


> and where
> a good place to store these files is (probably just besides the .mo
> files)?

 That would be reasonable... You just have to choose sensible filenames
 because the files gettext is searching for is depending on the
 domainname you request a translation for.
> There must be a simple way to find them though (a gimptool
> switch, maybe)?

 Would be possible.



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