On  3 Feb, Marc Lehmann wrote:

> You seem to want to move the catalogs to the home directorys, which is
> much worse (one copy for each user is insane).

 But would work....

> Do you have any _reasons_ not having a seperate domain (speed?
> usability?) AFAIK it'S only in a few places neede d(probably only
> one).

 Having multiple domain makes things rather complicated. And the whole
 idea would only work as long as the user can write his own files which
 isn't true for multiuser systems - there you've got only your

> OR can we bind a domain on more than one .mo-file (probably not).

 Hehe, the name of the domain is directly coupled to the filename,
 however it should be possible to use symlinks... :)

>>  I think it's the same as yours, but beware: Before merging catalogs
>>  you have to remove the headers and duplicate entries or msgfmt will
>>  refuse the compile them....
> msgmerge? (I hope that'll do it). OTOH, perl is versatile..

 msgmerge won't work. It is "designed" to work just with one template
 and one catalog... I had something in mind like: 
 cat them together, remove the second header and duplicate entires (i.e.
 entries with the same wording)

> All of this is a theory.  I just want to make sure that, in six months
> or a year from now on, people can use the all-new gimp-installer and
> it works with the last stable release.

 :)) using gettext? Marc, I just remembered what you said to me about a
 half year ago: gettext is broken! NOW I believe you, I fear I could
 write buglists which are longer than the source of gettext... growing
 day by day :(

> So it does not matter wether it's slow to merge catalogs, it matters
> wether it is possible at all to cleanly install plug-ins later.

 My idea would work, but would cost space....

>>>>  I'm no fan of further dependencies you know...
>>> Neither me... any better solution, though? No...
>>  No, despite of replacing gettext.... :)
> You would work on that (in the long term)...? (hopefully ;)


>>  We could also use to remove the barriers in GIMP i18n for know. This
>>  would only have one big limitation we also suffer from at the
>>  moment:

> As long as it doesn't introduce new limitations it does not matter.

 Limitations are relative... :)

> You mean a single mega-catalog containing gimp-perl, libgimp,
> gimp-std-plug-ins, gimp?


> Why is that necessary?

 To prevent gettext from not working. Remember the idea I told you
 (allowing several catalogs to be bound to one domain)? That would
 be the only real solution for multi-binary-applications like GIMP.
 This is unfortunately not realisable with gettext but merging all
 catalogs together into one and thus having only one domain would
 have the same effect and thus remove the limitations of the current

>>  e) Head for a proper solution afterwards? :)      
> Me, too!




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