On  2 Feb, Marc Lehmann wrote:

> So that means that we need a new domain, such as "gimp-override",
> that resides in .gimp/locale and is consulted just like gimp-perl and
> gimp-plug-ins.


>>  The command you're asking for is msgunfmt...
> Hmm... sounds like the solution. You pribably made my day (or so ;)
> Thanks!

 Hm, I just got an idea....
 I think it's the same as yours, but beware: Before merging catalogs you
 have to remove the headers and duplicate entries or msgfmt will refuse
 the compile them....

> That way we can msgunfmt the existing mo file, add messages, and write
> it back again on installation.

 Theoretically, yes...

>>  I'm no fan of further dependencies you know...
> Neither me... any better solution, though? No...

 No, despite of replacing gettext.... :)

> No longer necessary, as it's possible to regenerate .po from .mo (and
> if that does not work we just loose).

 We could also use to remove the barriers in GIMP i18n for know. This
 would only have one big limitation we also suffer from at the moment:
 No different translations for same wording but different meaning.

 Everyone: Since I stumbled over a severe problem which probably means
 that I can't realise my solution with gettext at the moment, would it
 make sense to you to:
 a) Move the used catalog from its standard location to the homedirectory
    of the user?
 b) Merge all translations into this catalog with help from a
 c) Remove the hackery from the sourcecode since it would be unnecessary
 d) Release GIMP 1.2?
 e) Head for a proper solution afterwards? :)      



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