On Thu, May 18, 2000 at 07:31:11PM +0200, Raphael Quinet wrote:
> Except for the vines and green pepper, the latest version of the Gimp
> ships with basically the same set of brushes as version 1.0.  Even the
> gimp-data-extra package does not contain anything that demonstrates
> the power of the pixmap brushes or pipes.

> There are many pages containing nice PSP tubes, for example:
>   http://bart.northnet.com.au/~robrow/tubes/downloads.htm
>   http://www.cablevision.qc.ca/renlev/tubes.html
> But we cannot convert them to Gimp brushes without violating some
> copyrights or some of the limitations that they put on redistribution.
> So we should try to create our own copyright-free brushes.
        I would vote for:


        as some pipes to include. These are very nice, demonstrate
an interesting useage of the pipes, and are actuall useful. I belive
these were originally created by narazaki? If so, and you dont mind
them being included, lets add them.
> By the way, I think that the current gimp-data-extras contain too many
> "abstract" brushes and patterns.

        Definately remove the "atari" brushes. They arent useful,and are
pretty much never used. I just added them on a whim after the brush
saving plugin was created. 
> I am not sure about how to coordinate this effort and how to select
> the best brushes and patterns (we need only the best stuff in the
> distribution).  Any suggestions?  If nobody volunteers, maybe I could
> collect the submissions (by e-mail?), put them on some web page and
> then wait for comments, but I would only do that as a last resort
> because being behind a firewall prevents me from setting up some
> automated process.  That's why I am asking here for ideas and
> volunteers instead of posting a request directly on the gimp-users
> list or in comp.graphics.apps.gimp.  I would be nice to do that before
> 1.2 is released.

        Well, if someone has the time, we could resurect the contest
scripts and info and perhaps use that. 

        Alternatively, it might be easy to create a source forge page
for it, though I dont see where that would make it easier to upload. 


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