> So this might be a false alarm. I really don't think it looks as
   > bad. Especially if you consider that such a thing as asked for since about
   > a year, and we _still_ douldn't have even something remotely similar if
   > there weren't that sourceforge project.

   Huh? I'm sure that if a group of people volunteers to create something
   useful and gimp-related and ask for access to the server, they will be
   given that possibility. That's my whole point: Why do you put the effort 
   into sourceforge instead of putting it into www.gimp.org where other
   parts of the website might benefit from it too?


My experience is that this does not work in practice.  I spent a lot
of time last summer trying to get Grokking the GIMP onto gimp.org and
just could not convince anyone to allow me to do it.  That's why I
created Gimp-Savvy.com.


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