> >     Alternatively, it might be easy to create a source forge page
> > for it, though I dont see where that would make it easier to upload. 
> The plug-ins sourceforge project might be a nice place for that. Given
> a bit of pressure, Kevin Turner might even create some kind of upload
> form where people could upload brushes, for example. (For some kind of
> brush-repository).

if I'm informed correctly, there is some work underway for a new gimp 
website. IMHO this is the ideal place for such a forum. Moving gimp 
stuff to sourceforge is a bad idea from the very beginning since it is
confusing to the users. We have all the possibilities on gimp.org and
we should use them. IMHO the whole plugin project should move back to 
gimp.org too. If that means that we need to overwork the 
infrastructure of www.gimp.org, why don't we just for it?? 

Salut, Sven

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