> My experience is that this does not work in practice.  I spent a lot
> of time last summer trying to get Grokking the GIMP onto gimp.org and
> just could not convince anyone to allow me to do it.  That's why I
> created Gimp-Savvy.com.

Who did you ask then? Took me a little luck and a few minutes on irc 
to get sven.gimp.org and freetype.gimp.org registered under the 
gimp.org domain for example. Recently I decided that I want to move 
the site to the same server hosting www.gimp.org and I received an
OK instantly. Olof and Karins book is under the gimp.org domain too,
so I really wonder why you made such bad experiences.

Remember, I do not say that the situation with gimp.org is perfect.
IMO a lot of things should change. However moving stuff to other 
domains as a consequence is definitely the wrong solution.

Salut, Sven

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