> Hey, that's -YOUR- window key.  Throughout this thread I felt like I was
> always being talked down because these are -MY- ideas.  Nobody wants to
> hear them because they are -PERSONAL- and -YOU- don't -LIKE-
> them.  Instead, why not make things like that configurable?  That
> preferences dialog needs to be unkludged, and how about seeing an option
> like:
> "[x] Grab Win95 keys for Gimp"
> "Use [ Windows ] key to invoke the root menu"
>      [ Menu    ]
> Naturally, clearning the "Grab" checkbox would disable the selection
> below, so those of you who assign the "Menu" key to your window manager,
> are still happy.
> What do you think?

I think it will not work. Your ideas are not actually new and we have
discussed this stuff a lot coming to the conclusion that it's not that 

> The whole preferences thing could have a new subtree entitled "Keyboard
> control" where one would choose things like the above Win95 key
> assignment, enabling/disabling of underline accelerators, etc.  Then
> instead of complaining about -MY- bad preferences, you just disable them,
> and use your mouse.

It could have, but only if someone would write the code. Complaining
about missing features is not the way Free Software works. I do not
have a windows key on my (pretty new) keyboard and I'm very happy that
this is the case. I will certainly not add support for that key. If 
someone else does and manages to keep Gimp useable for people that do
not have that key, that's fine with me. 

Now shut up, start coding and submit your patches to ftp.gimp.org.

Salut, Sven

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