Tue, Dec 12, 2000 at 04:40:54PM +0100, Michael Natterer escribió:
> o Think about a new way to handle plug-in distribution
>   As more and more plug-ins go into the main gimp distribution (and a lot
>   of plug-ins are wating to be included), it becomes difficult to maintain
>   them all. Core developers are busy enough with the core application and
>   shouldn't have to fiddle with all those plug-ins. If we can think of a
>   better model for plug-in maintainance and distribution, we should try to
>   implement it in this branch.

        What about using a distribution system like helix-updater (or newer
        We can use a machine (i.e: plugins.gimp.org) where gimp itself (or
gimp-udater) retrieves a xml list from(http), with all the plugins stored in the
"system". The "system" can store a lot of precompiled plugins, with version
numbers, priority for upgrading , etc....
        Also a good interface for maintaners, to upload new versions is
required and maybe a main coordinator....


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