On Tue, Dec 12, 2000 at 02:52:56PM -0500, Adrian Likins wrote:
> > > As for the plugin distribution, I think the nicest way would be to have
> > > a plugin manager that would enable you to download plugins from the web
> > > on the fly. Something Linux distributions have too, you just connect to
> > > the server, list the available plugins, let the user select what he/she
> > > wants, download and install them. That would IMHO certainly be the
> > > nicest solution.

> > We're thinking of a Server directory structure which would enable such
> > automatic downloads. Basically a tree like the Debian FTP servers.
> > The client side of this shoulkd be relatively easy to implement
> > (we don't really want Debian-like dependencies, do we? :-)
>       yah, lots of ways to go. Just need to decide what our
> contraints are. The stuff mentioned above was intended to
> be as simple as possible ( ie, a shell script could make
> a good try as a client...).   
>       Current buzzwords would probabaly make the package
> descriptions xml of some sort. Binaries would be a bit different,
> but the basic ideas are there. Bin's also have a ton of security
> implications, but that can be mitigated to some degree with
> gpg signing, etc. 
Why would you want to reinvent the wheel? Follow Unix philosophy: Use
tools which are already there.

I propose:
1. let the user use the package tool she wants
2. make plugins relocateable (I guess, not only RPM can do that)
3. provide easy integration of any additional files (help, data etc.) by
means of directory structure etc.

We do not need to care how one gets those Plugin packages. We do not
need to care for depencies (we should however propose a standard way to
name depencies). We just need to care for a place to install the plugins
in so that Joe User is able to install a binary plugin without root

Mein Pfennig. ;-) Tino.

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