On Tue, Dec 12, 2000 at 05:08:03PM +0100, Lourens Veen wrote:
> I realise that it's probably too late already, but dare I say C++? Did
> anyone ever even consider this?
> As for the plugin distribution, I think the nicest way would be to have
> a plugin manager that would enable you to download plugins from the web
> on the fly. Something Linux distributions have too, you just connect to
> the server, list the available plugins, let the user select what he/she
> wants, download and install them. That would IMHO certainly be the
> nicest solution.

A good way for updating selectivly as well...  I agree that the install should
be the distro or main compile's job, but this should be an option as well.
Ie: I personally update my system to the latest .debs every few days, while
other people only upgrade every time a new release of their distro of choice
(tm) is released.  Two different meathods. 

How about these different ways:
 - distro packaging: the maintainer of the deb/rpm/tgz/whatever does their
   thing and sets up the package
 - compile packaging:  When someone compiles gimp for the first time (or the
   first time they run it?) they get asked if they want to get the latest
   plugins (choice of all, minimul, normal, choose each one), and a little
   client goes and grabs them from plugins.gimp.org  This could get weird for
   root vs user, but it could be a matter of "we've detected you are root, do
   you want to install plugins globally?"
 - user install:  User chooses "update plugins" from the help menu and a
   similar, though gui based, thing happens as with the "compile packaging"
   and they get to install the latest and greatest into $HOME/.gimp/...

Just my $0.02, as a user.


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