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On 22/10/15 16:02, Jehan wrote:

Even in single window mode, it looks very bothersome to me. You can see the chrome browser next to GIMP, which shows a proper icon making it very easy to recognize whereas GIMP shows a generated thumbnail-icon of the opened image. Moreover Windows 7 was already showing a bigger thumbnail of the whole GIMP window anyway. Right now, the status is that some OS/desktop/window managers seem to never use the generated thumbnail-icon anyway, and the ones who use it would anyway also show their own thumbnail in better resolution.

Sorry, but for me the bothersome application is Chrome... because if I
have several Chrome instances, I cannot distinguish them (while i
could if Chrome replaced its icon by the site's favicon, or even had
distinct icon for its "open" and "private" modes)( Firefox has the
same shortcomings). Currently, if I have several Gimp images open, I
can identify them that way, however distorted they are, as long as
they are different enough. And even in SWM, I could have several Gimp
instances running... So let's not throw the baby with the bath water.

I am not throwing any baby with any water. I am on the contrary seeking feedbacks. So thank for this, since you are the first person (finally!) whose experience is opposite to all the other feedbacks we got until now.


At this point, I believe that the whole feature should be dropped, whatever mode one is in. If anyone likes the feature (we have not had 1 single positive feedback until now), please make yourself heard now.

So let's not throw away the baby with the bath water.

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