On Tue, 2011-12-20 at 08:36 +0100, andrew.alangdondavies.es wrote:
> > Hi
> > > How do I get Gimp 2.6.11 to work w/my SCSI scanner? I am
> > presently running Xubuntu 11.10 Live CD. CentOS 5 s
> > installed on my HDD. It's version of Gimp runs my SCSI
> > scanner.
> > > Do I need to download XSANE?
> Don't know much about *ubuntu, but you probably need either xsane or
> iscan. In the case of xsane, IIRC you need to make the binary available to
> gimp, eg via a link in the plugins directory. That will allow you to scan
> 'from' Gimp.

On Linux/Unix systems, GIMP uses the SANE interface.  SANE is a system
for supporting scanners.   You need to install it to get the scanner
drivers, etc.  XSane is a graphical front end to SANE.  XSane can be
used as a plugin to GIMP, making it show up in the File->Acquire or
File->Create (depending on which version of GIMP you use) menu.

Most Linux distributions (Ubuntu, Fedora/CentOS/Red Hat, etc) will
install the SANE package as a dependency to XSane, so you usually only
have to install XSane.  That said, it isn't clear if the symbollic link
to GIMP's stock plugins directory is created for you at that time.  If
it is, then after installing XSane and restarting GIMP you should see
the menu option.  If not, you'll have to create the symbollic link
manually to your .gimp-<version>/plug-ins directory.  

I don't have a scanner installed right now or I'd verify the locations
and paths.  Sorry.

Windows users can use the TWAIN interface.  Not sure what Mac users use,
but I think its TWAIN too.
Michael J. Hammel <mjham...@graphics-muse.org>

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