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>> * Tom Cranston <thomas.w.crans...@gmail.com> [12-20-11
>> 02:41]:
>> > On earlier versions of Gimp, up to Ver 2.6.8 you can use
>> > SCSI scanner. No fooling around getting drivers, etc.
>> > 
>> > I have been running Gimp on different versions of Linux.
>> > That might be why I did not have too fool around hunting
>> > down and installing drivers.
>> > 
>> > On 2.6.8, (Ubuntu 10.04)I can scan:
>> > 
>> > File - Create - XSane - Device dialog
>> > 
>> > On earlier Gimp versions it was:
>> > 
>> > File - Acquire - XSane - Device dialog
>> > 
>> > It might be a matter of semantics as to whether or not
>> > Gimp does the scanning, but I have always been able to
>> > start a scan w/SCSI from Gimps File Menu.
>> Not a matter of semantics but fact.  Gimp *can* interface
>> with other programs to provide an interface for other
>> functions, scanning.
>> But you have provided your *own* hint to the solution.
>> Doesn't "XSane" in your examples give you a clue?
>> Install xsane in your present distro and use the distro's
>> setup application to setup your scanner.
>> Your lack of scanning ability probably stems from using a
>> "LiveCD" which is space crippled/doesn't include xsane.
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>Xsane is already installed in the distro, It can be
>accessed via the command line:


>Gimp 2.6.11 however does not list it under it's menu
>options like it used to.

>I was using the live CD because I wanted see if I liked the
>distro. I did not want to go to the trouble of installing
>it  only to find that I did not like it.

>I was able to run the scanner from an older version of Gimp
>on another live distro (Knoppix)


Don't normally bother with 'buntu but might be possible to run a scanner from 
Xubuntu live.

A couple of caveats . Running Xubuntu from a USB memory stick rather than a CD. 
 My scanner is USB driven

As my earlier post you need the xsane gimp plugin - got this from a Mepis 11 
(debian squeeze) installation.  The plugin is in /usr/bin and the gimp global 
plugins directory has a symbolic link to it. Copied the plugin to a directory 
on the usb containing the xubuntu installation. Also put the xscanimage plugin 
there as well, although does not seem to work.

Started up the live xubuntu, then to gimp preferences and added the xsane 
plugin directory.

screenshot http://i.imgur.com/gcSKP.jpg

Restarted gimp, and the scanner dialog is there in Gimp - File - Create and is 

screenshot http://i.imgur.com/Asf64.jpg

Might be worth a try with a live CD and the new plugins folder on your hdd.

rich (via gimpusers.com)
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