* Tom Cranston <thomas.w.crans...@gmail.com> [12-20-11 02:41]:
> On earlier versions of Gimp, up to Ver 2.6.8 you can use
> SCSI scanner. No fooling around getting drivers, etc.
> I have been running Gimp on different versions of Linux.
> That might be why I did not have too fool around hunting
> down and installing drivers.
> On 2.6.8, (Ubuntu 10.04)I can scan:
> File - Create - XSane - Device dialog
> On earlier Gimp versions it was:
> File - Acquire - XSane - Device dialog
> It might be a matter of semantics as to whether or not Gimp
> does the scanning, but I have always been able to start a
> scan w/SCSI from Gimps File Menu.

Not a matter of semantics but fact.  Gimp *can* interface with other
programs to provide an interface for other functions, scanning.

But you have provided your *own* hint to the solution.  Doesn't "XSane" in
your examples give you a clue?  Install xsane in your present distro and
use the distro's setup application to setup your scanner.

Your lack of scanning ability probably stems from using a "LiveCD" which
is space crippled/doesn't include xsane.

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