>How do I get Gimp 2.6.11 to work w/my SCSI scanner? I am
>presently running Xubuntu 11.10 Live CD. CentOS 5 s
>installed on my HDD. It's version of Gimp runs my SCSI

>Do I need to download XSANE?

FWIW: I do not think you will get it working from a live CD.

First stop is to check the sane database


If your scanner is supported then you will need to install xsane from your 
distribution repo.

Next step, Gimp needs a  xsane-gimp plugin.  Seems to be one for CentOS, bound 
to be one for Ubuntu.


All being well, there is a menu entry in Gimp: 'File' -> 'Create' -> 'Xsane' 
which calls xsane for scanning and passes the result back to Gimp.

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