Jonathan Kamens ( wrote:
> It seems clear to me at this point that either you are too invested
> in your work and backed into a corner at this point to be able to
> admit that there is any room for improvement, or you really /are/
> trying to drive away users who aren't part of your target audience.

Well, some of us have been involved with the Gimp project for >= 15
years. We certainly won't assume that there is no more room for
improvement. We're software engineers after all and we know that
software development is an incremental effort.

However, there has been significant work been going into the new save
behaviour and we won't easily give up on this after someone came to a
judgement on that after thinking for maybe 20 minutes about it,
apparently unwilling to see the benefits.

So yeah, in the next few weeks we will be stubborn and try to get a
bigger picture on the reception. We certainly won't hastily revert
everything to the old state or carelessly introduce new options.

If you can't handle this, please feel free to continue using the old


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